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Rekt Capital Deep Dives

A weekly video subscription on Bitcoin & Altcoin investing

Cutting-edge insights and expert market commentary about Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Preview - Example Deep Dive

Data science metrics and market indicators for Bitcoin

My personal investing strategy for Bitcoin and Altcoins

Deep-Dive analysis of historical price tendencies of BTC Market Cycles

My personal risk-on and risk-off strategies for Altcoin trading & investing

Deep-dive technical analysis of Altcoins requested by you

Reasonable price predictions based on unbiased TA principles

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By signing up for my weekly deep-dive video subscription, you will gain exclusive access to valuable insights, level-headed realistic analysis and expert commentary on the cryptocurrency markets.


As a subscriber, every week you will receive:


  • Full access to exclusive Deep Dive videos with my in-depth level-headed technical analysis on Bitcoin and Altcoins.

  • In-depth video walkthroughs of my up-to-date Altcoin Watchlist featuring Altcoins that are on my radar.

  • My personal trade management strategies and risk-reward parameters when it comes to Altcoins featured in my video Altcoin Watchlist.

  • Full access to archive of past videos with in-depth technical analysis on Bitcoin and Altcoins, rich in educational content.

  • Exclusive discounts on all of my courses including the Altcoin Investing, Technical Analysis, Bitcoin Investing, and Risk Management courses.


It's essential to have access to unbiased, level-headed insights to form realistic expectations about market movements whenever they occur.


Investing in this subscription will not only save you time and effort in conducting research, but it will also provide you with cutting-edge insights that will truly be of value to your crypto journey.

I record new videos every Tuesday and publish it on the same day. Each video is current to prevailing market conditions.

Are The Videos Pre-Recorded?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I Cancel?

Yes, they are standalone subscriptions.

Are the Rekt Capital Newsletter and “Deep Dives” two separate products?

No, if you would like to gain access to the Deep Dives, you would need to signup separately for them.

I am a subscriber to the Rekt Capital Newsletter. Will I now also get access to the Deep Dives?

The Rekt Capital Newsletter and the Deep Dives are two different, standalone subscriptions.


They cover very different content but they do complement and build on each other very well. The Newsletter offers three newsletters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


The Deep Dives offer a 30-minute in-depth video every Tuesday. Deep Dives allow me the space to really go deeper into my analysis and explain complexities in the market with a wide-variety of metrics and technical indicators. Feel free to watch the example Deep Dive featured above to gain an idea as to what to expect from these videos.

What is the difference between the Rekt Capital Newsletter and the “Deep Dives”?

No, your subscription to the Rekt Capital Newsletter will not change. The Deep Dives are simply an additional video subscription that you can sign up to. The Deep Dives are not included in the subscription to the Rekt Capital Newsletter.

Will my subscription to the Rekt Capital Newsletter change in any way?

Crypto payments are only available for the Rekt Masterclass Bundle.

DM Rekt Capital on Twitter via for more info.

Can I Pay in Crypto?



Fantastic Deep dive video. Keep them coming.


Thank you for the great deep dive.


Love the video content, can you please do one each week as a weekly market review?

Major D

I've been watching you for about a year now. You are the best in the space!

This market and recent pump combined with your expertise got me to subscribe to premium.

August Lester

Good work, thank you. i really enjoy these visuals in video over the newsletter.

Damian Sloper

Was a great great deep dive man ... taking notes on my charts for what's to come OMG!!!!

Hector Salazar

A really impressive deep dive. It's a fantastic technical content throughout the indicators and you make it easy to understand. Great job again. I'm eager to see more of these videos. Thanks for all.


Thanks! Your analysis are of great value and the only ones I often have to watch more than once. Yes, I would like more of theese deep dives.

Kristian Solberg

Thanks for the deep dive. Defiantly interested in seeing more of these in the future, extremely valuable!







Subscribe Today

Join now and elevate your cryptocurrency investing with cutting-edge insights and expert market commentary






Subscribe Today

Join now and elevate your cryptocurrency investing with cutting-edge insights and expert market commentary

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