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I offer detailed courses for beginners and advanced traders teaching you how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.



Altcoin Course


A 9-module course aimed at helping you better understand and navigate the Altcoin market.


A 17-hour course designed for beginner and intermediate cryptocurrency traders and investors.

Technical Analysis Course

Bitcoin Course


An 8-module course helping you invest during Bitcoin Bull and Bear Markets with data science.

Risk Management 



An 10-module course helping you with Cryptocurrency Risk Management.

Yes, all video lectures are pre-recorded for you to watch at your own leisure.

Are The Videos In This Course Pre-Recorded?

Yes, by enrolling in these course you have lifetime access to the course content.

Do I Have Lifetime Access To The Courses?

Yes you can pay in Crypto, specifically in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Here are the details:

Altcoin Investing:

Rekt Capital Elite Edition:

Rekt Capital Masterclass:

All Crypto payments include 20% VAT. You will receive an email with access to the course within 24 hours of payment.

Feel free to get in touch with Rekt Capital directly on Twitter via if you have any questions.

Can I Pay For The Course(s) in Crypto?

This depends on your needs. Each course addresses a different area in the cryptocurrency market. 

See the FAQ above to help give you an idea which course would be better for you to start with.

Which Course Should I Get First?

Absolutely - all students of previous Rekt Capital courses are entitled to Bundle discounts.

Feel free to get in touch with Rekt Capital with the email address you purchased the first course with and you will receive a discount code for your next purchase. 

Message Rekt Capital on Twitter via and this will be arranged for you.

I Bought The Technical Analysis Course Separately. Am I Still Entitled To A Discount For The Bundle Or Masterclass?


About Rekt Capital

Rekt Capital is a Cryptocurrency Analyst who shares macro research, commentary, and technical analysis related to crypto markets.


I publish a newsletter and provide courses that help investors better understand and navigate the cryptocurrency market on how to make informed decisions when buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and popular altcoins.

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