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Your Crypto Trading Doesn’t Have To Be Plagued By FOMO, Inconsistent, or Embarrassing Results

Whether you're just starting out in the crypto markets...

Or you're a veteran but aren't quite satisfied with your results...

This free email course is everything you need to be able to finally start consistently profiting in bull, bear, and sideways markets.

5-Day Technical Analysis Mastery Course

A FREE Step-By-Step Guide To:

✅  Learning 5 Basic Chart Patterns
✅  Picking the Right Entries & Exits
✅  And Building a 6-Figure Crypto Portfolio

Even if you’re a complete beginner!

10+ Resources · 5 Real-World Frameworks · 100% FREE

Thousands have downloaded already!

By Rekt Capital (400,000+ followers on X)
Run the Top Crypto Newsletter globally (over 70,000 subscribers!)

"Rekt Capital is a constant thought of gratitude TO THIS DAY. Since Early 2018, I've been watching this guy's journey & learning to trade w/ his free telegram and course. This guy changed my life & showed me the ropes to take on trading successfully. Follow him!! (he is a wizard)" –– Kyle Anderson

My name is Rekt Capital, and I:

→ Run the Top Crypto Newsletter globally (over 60,000 subscribers!)

→ Have been profitably trading crypto for 7+ years

And now, I want to share everything I know with you.

Want to make sure this free email course is “worth it” before you sign-up?

Here's everything that's inside:

Lesson 1: 5 Ways To Spot Fear and Greed (The Main Forces Behind Every Major Market Move)

Lesson 2: The Secret To Predicting Price Movements (Candlestick & Trend Analysis)

Lesson 3: Your Ultimate Guide To Profitably Trading Support & Resistance

Lesson 4: How To Spot, Draw, and Make More Money Trading Trendlines & Channel Patterns

Lesson 5: Use Daily & Weekly Moving Averages To Profit More When Times Are Good (& Get Out When They're Bad!)

BONUS: 2 Free Extra Resources That Take Everything We've Learned To The Next Level (Stay Tuned Until Day 5)

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