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Rekt Capital cuts through the noise in the digital currency market by providing level-headed and unbiased technical analysis that helps traders and investors understand market cycles to maximize profits

50,000+ traders and investors get market insights and technical analysis of the highest quality, three times a week: 

Make Better Investment and Trading Decisions with Rekt Capital's Technical Analysis

Rekt Capital is an experienced technical analyst who shares his macro research and commentary related to digital assets three times a week in a digestible newsletter format. 

Learn from his TA along with Forbes, CoinTelegraph, Real Vision and other 50,000+ traders and investors: 

My technical analysis and market research has been featured on:

Maximize Profits with the #1 TA Newsletter Trusted by Forbes and Real Vision

Avoid bias in trading and investing. Get level-headed, objective technical analysis and insights on the digital assets market, three times a week, for free. 

Ride out the market volatility with 50,000+ other traders and investors. 

Macro Research on the digital assets market

Complex, cutting-edge research insights about digital assets delivered in a simple, easy to understand format

Commentary on market indicators and metrics

Down-to-earth market commentary on leading digital assets to help you navigate the market effectively.The analysis for subscribers includes a variety of useful indicators and metrics that will guide investors in the market every step of the way.

Technical Analysis on your favorite digital assets

Subscribers request their favorite digital assets and Rekt Capital charts them on a weekly basis by hosting an Altcoin Technical Analysis session, providing in-depth thoughts on as many coins as possible.

What Investors And Traders Are Saying About Rekt Capital Newsletter:
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