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Expert insight & level-headed analysis on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Get the tools you need to make data-driven trading and investment decisions that grow your money and help you achieve financial freedom. 


My Courses

The A-Z of trading and investing. Choose your course.

Altcoin Course

A 9-module course aimed at helping you better understand and navigate the Altcoin market so you know when to be buying and selling your Altcoins.

Bitcoin Course

An 8-module course that uses data science to help you ride the ways of investing during Bitcoin Bull and Bear Markets.


Analysis Course

A 17-hour course designed to help you independently and profitably trade the cryptocurrency market.

Risk Management Course

Mitigate your losses and maximise your wins with this 10-video course covering everything you need to know about Risk Management.

The Rekt Capital Masterclass is a collection of ALL my courses.

If you’re looking to become a more confident trader and navigate the market to spot trends and opportunities, this Masterclass is all you need.

Altcoin Investing Course

Bitcoin Investing Course

Technical Analysis Course

Risk Management Course

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Weekly Deep Dive on Altcoins & Bitcoin

Join me every Tuesday for half an hour as we deep dive into your questions and take a look at what’s happening in the market, and where I think things are going.

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