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Expert insight & level-headed analysis on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Get the tools you need to make data-driven trading and investment decisions that grow your money and help you achieve financial freedom. 


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The Rekt Capital Ultimate Bundle is a collection of ALL my courses.

If you’re looking to become a more confident trader and navigate the market to spot trends and opportunities, this ultimate bundle is all you need.

Altcoin Investing Course

Bitcoin Investing Course

Technical Analysis Course

Risk Management Course

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Altcoin Investing Course

A 9-module course aimed at helping you better understand and navigate the Altcoin market so you know when to be buying and selling your Altcoins.

Bitcoin Investing Course

An 8-module course that uses data science to help you ride the ways of investing during Bitcoin Bull and Bear Markets.


Analysis Course

Master the market and grow your wealth. Learn all the skills and techniques you need to know to exponentially grow your crypto portfolio.

Risk Management Course

Mitigate your losses and maximise your wins with this 10-video course covering everything you need to know about Risk Management.

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